Traditional candles and home fragrance products are single-use and typically end up in a landfill once they are done.

Ours are given a new life instead.

Our Refill Program makes it easy for you to reuse all of our products, be sustainable, save money and keep stocked up on your favourite home scents from Brightfield

How it Works

  1. Send us your empty jar or container and include your contact details
  2. Once we receive it, you'll get an email confirmation which includes a link to pay for your refill. You'll save $4 off the regular purchase price of the same scented candle, reed diffuser or room spray
  3. Once you pay for your refill, we'll refill your jar and send it back to you with carbon-neutral shipping!

You can refill the same container as many times as you would like!

Refill Program

Send us your empty jars

Shipping address: Brightfield, 370 Kingswood Road, Toronto, ON M4E 3P1

Send us your empty jar and include your contact details:

  • Full name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
Seeing us soon?

You can also drop off your empty jars to us at our in-person events, markets and pop-ups.

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