One of the reasons we love fragrance so much is because it's a bit like magic. Through scent, we're able to be transported to nostalgic memories, people and places around the world, from sandy beaches to flower fields. Scent can change our mood, energy, and how we feel. Fragrance has a magical ability to transform not only us and how we feel but also our homes. 

Fragrance trends are always evolving and this year we will be reaching for candles and home fragrances with these 5 scent trends in mind: 

1. All Hail Vanilla   

Vanilla had a major comeback in 2023 and it will continue to reign supreme in 2024. Vanilla is a gourmand scent that is comforting and cozy, something that people want to feel right now. Our Saturday Candle is made for vanilla lovers, with notes of vanilla cream, caramel, coconut and brown sugar. It smells like a mouthwatering vanilla ice cream on a sunny day - and who doesn't love that? 

2. Fruity 

From bright citrus scents like lemon, grapefruit and orange to sweet fruits like pineapple and berries, fruity fragrances will be very hot this year. Our Fruit Loops Candle is a playful blend of orange, lemon, lime, and cherry, balanced with creamy milk and vanilla bean. It's an uplifting scent that will make you feel happy! We love burning this candle in our kitchen. 

3. Light and Airy 

People are craving home scents that are subtle and not too overbearing. Similar to wearing perfume that smells like your skin or blends gently with your body's natural scent. For the home, light and airy scents, like our Linen Reed Diffuser with natural notes of lilac, lemon and jasmine, help spaces feel clean and inviting. 

4. Tropical Chic

With the desire to escape somewhere sunny, tropical scents are trending this year. Sunny scents that make you feel like you're on a beach with a pineapple mocktail in your hand are going to be really popular. Our Sun-kissed Candle has notes of pistachio, salted caramel, and vanilla, perfect for getting your tropical fix. 

Sun-kissed Tropical Candle from Brightfield, wood wick candle in white ceramic jar with bright yellow label

5. Jazz Club

In complete contrast to the other trends so far are scents inspired by jazz clubs. Dark, cozy spaces with neon signs, velvet banquettes and vintage jazz playing in the background inspire scents that are deep, layered and mysterious. Our Legacy Candle is just that with notes of fig, leather, sandalwood, apple and jasmine. It's the candle you'll want to burn while you sit in a leather club chair with piano jazz playing in the background.  


Interested in experiencing these trends for yourself? Try one of our candles, room sprays or reed diffusers in your home or share it as a gift. Shop Now

We make all of our products in small batches from our studio in The Beach, Toronto. We're a proud 1% for the Planet member, donating $1 from every candle sold to environmental and social charities. All of our products are refillable through our Refill Program


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